Employment Opportunities


Baxter Academy for Technology and Science is a public charter school in downtown Portland, Maine, that has been open since September 2013. 

Baxter Academy is located in Maine’s largest and most diverse city and serves 415 students from 66 Maine towns, many rural. Baxter Academy’s academic program is real-world, technology-rich, student-centered, and project-based. These touchstones ground the learning community as it strives to use the dynamic tension inherent in its model to do stronger work: Baxter must, according to its charter contract, provide an excellent, rigorous STEM education, and as a public charter school, it must do the great social good of meeting the needs of any student who enrolls.

At Baxter, teachers demonstrate a deep commitment to their students and guide all students in an individualized, collaborative, and interdisciplinary community. They set an expectation that students interact with one another with mutual respect. The teachers have life experiences that include everything from long-distance sailing to mountain climbing to teaching in international schools to engineering robots to starting tech businesses. One Baxter teacher was appointed by the governor to serve on the state’s STEM council. Another teacher serves on the Maine Computer Science Task Force, which is tasked with integrating computer science into the state’s graduation requirements. All Baxter teachers support students in mastering 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, and communication.

Long-term Substitute Humanities Teacher

Baxter Academy seeks a long-term substitute teacher to serve in the school daily through January 17. The position requires creative, project-based teaching that fosters student-driven inquiry in a STEM-centered environment. A concentration in social studies and/or digital media is preferred.

The Humanities instructor will report to the Head of School and are responsible for working with the Humanities department to establish common assessments and curriculum using Baxter’s standards-based grading system and rubrics. 

Education Technician III

Baxter Academy for Technology and Science, a public charter high school in Portland, Maine, is seeking a highly qualified individual to join a special education program that serves students with a wide variety of emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges.  The preferred candidate will have successful experience working with high school age students and believe in the school’s mission based on a rigorous STEM education.  

We are looking to fill this unique position to primarily support special education students in the regular education setting.  This is not one-on-one positions but may have need to spend some time with specific students. This position will require a candidate who works well with high school students with a variety of abilities and who can be flexible, problem solve, and be compassionate.  


The candidate must obtain and maintain authorization as an Education Technician III with the Maine Department of Education.  This is obtained by documenting three years of postsecondary education or a combination equivalent to 90 hours of approved study in an educationally related field.  The candidate must meet successful background, criminal records, fingerprinting and reference checks.  

A preference will be given to those candidates who have previous experience or possess working knowledge and understanding of special education and are comfortable and have strengths in the content areas of math, reading, or writing.   Candidates will be paid $17.60 per hour for a 36-hour work week that follows the school schedule, 175 school days plus three additional days for teacher workshops.  Health benefits are also available.

Special Education Director

Baxter Academy for Technology and Science, a public charter high school in Portland, Maine, is seeking a highly qualified individual to lead a special education program that serves students with a wide variety of emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges.  The preferred candidate will have previous experience as a special education director and will be committed to the school’s mission of rigorous STEM education. 


The special education director will report to the Head of School and will supervise a department including special educators, education technicians, speech and language pathologist, social worker, and school psychologist.  The special education director will oversee all aspects of the special education IEP team process. The appropriate candidate will ensure that Baxter Academy operates in compliance with all state and federal regulations. Familiarity with the audit process through the Maine Department of Education is helpful.

·       Monitor compliance with special education processes and timelines

·       Provide oversight on all IEP records

·       Review all IEP documents for accuracy and completion

·       Oversee the development and proper implementation of accommodations as documented in students’ IEPs

·       Conduct professional development training to support effective IEP development and understanding of state and federal regulations

·       Work directly with parents, as needed, to answer questions and ensure that all school actions are in compliance and are in the interest of maximizing student learning

·       Be familiar and knowledgeable with related curriculum and a variety of instructional strategies and assessment tools

·       Work closely with the teaching staff to make sure instructional accommodations are understood and in place

·       Participate in weekly leadership team meetings

·       Facilitate weekly special education team meetings

·       Work with business manager, head of school, and executive director to build a department budget

·       Allocate grant money appropriately by prioritizing student needs

·       Supervise special education teachers, service providers, and education technicians


·       Master’s degree in education related field

·       At least 3 years of leadership experience in an educational setting

·       Demonstrated IEP team process experience

·       Knowledge of IDEA and federal and state regulations

·       Excellent interpersonal communication and written language skills

·       Relevant work experience and effectiveness with a student population with a wide variety of disabilities such as ADHD/ADD, anxiety, autism, specific learning disabilities, and emotional disabilities

Substitute Teaching

Applications for Substitute Teaching Positions, short or long-term, are accepted throughout the school year.  As opportunities become available, we will review the applicant pool we have at that time.


Please feel free to contact anna.gervais@baxter-academy.org for more information.

To Apply

To apply, please complete the online application HERE  and send a resume and cover letter with references to employment@baxter-academy.org or Human Resources, Baxter Academy for Technology and Science, 185 Lancaster Street, Portland, Maine, 04101. Additional material such as a philosophy statement; recommendations from students, parents, or colleagues; or anything that illustrates your passion for education, is highly encouraged. 

Baxter Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Our needs are subject to change and we welcome applications from people passionate and committed to STEM education whose experience may not fit neatly into any positions listed.