Employment Opportunities


Baxter Academy for Technology and Science is a public charter school in downtown Portland, Maine, that opened September 2013. 

Baxter Academy is located in Maine’s largest and most diverse city and serves 400 students from 59 Maine towns, many rural. Baxter Academy’s academic program is real-world, technology-rich, student-centered, and project-based. These touchstones ground the learning community as it strives to use the dynamic tension inherent in its model to do stronger work: Baxter must, according to its charter contract, provide an excellent, rigorous STEM education, and as a public charter school, it must do the great social good of meeting the needs of any student who enrolls.

At Baxter, teachers demonstrate a deep commitment to their students and guide all students in an individualized, collaborative, and interdisciplinary community. They set an expectation that students interact with one another with mutual respect. The teachers have life experiences that include everything from long-distance sailing to mountain climbing to teaching in international schools to engineering robots to starting tech businesses. One Baxter teacher was appointed by the governor to serve on the state’s STEM council. Another teacher serves on the Maine Computer Science Task Force, which is tasked with integrating computer science into the state’s graduation requirements. All Baxter teachers support students in mastering 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, and communication.

Math / Science Teacher

We seek faculty and staff who believe in this mission and vision and who are willing to do the work to help us achieve it.  We are currently seeking a Math/Science Teacher (one year only) to join our innovative and driven faculty as soon as a suitable candidate is identified. While this posting is for a one-year appointment, we will re-open the position for hiring in the spring.

A strong candidate will have a passion for STEM education, high-expectations for all students, a strong track record of excellent instruction for diverse learners, experience with project-based learning, ability to forge solid relationships with students and families, and a commitment to continuous improvement and growth as a professional.  


• Maintain and enrich content and pedagogical expertise;

• Develop proficiency-based lesson plans that ensure the attainment of learning standards;

• Coordinate lesson plans with other teachers to maximize possibilities for teaching and reinforcing student knowledge on an interdisciplinary basis;

• Provide direct and indirect instruction;

• Long and short-term planning addressing individual needs of students;

• Evaluate students’ progress;

• Prepare individual student achievement and progress reports for parents;

• Provide an inviting, exciting, innovative, learning environment;

• Engage in effective and appropriate classroom management;

• Accept and incorporate feedback and coaching from administrative staff;

• Serve as an advisor to a students, including organizing advisory groups, overseeing students’ academic and behavioral progress;

• Perform other duties, as deemed appropriate, by the co-principals.


• Demonstrated expertise in Math and Science, as evidenced by personal skills and knowledge, an undergraduate major or minor or graduate degree in the subject they will teach, or direct subject area teaching experience;

• Demonstrated eligibility for state teaching certification or completion of advanced degree, professional certification or unique expertise or experience in Math/Science;

• Demonstrated communication skills;

• Demonstrated ability and experience to engage the interest of high school students;

• Demonstrated ability to work with diverse students, including those with special needs;

• Teaching experience in a public or private school, preferably using a proficiency-based approach;

• Demonstrated ability to work well with parents;

• Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a team member;

• Demonstrated ability to evaluate tests and measurements of achievement;

• Demonstrated willingness to be held accountable for results.

Administrative Assistant

We seek faculty and staff who believe in this mission and vision and who are willing to do the work to help us achieve it.  We are currently seeking a Lead School Secretary / Administrative Assistant who will work with and support the school’s administrative team to: communicate professionally with the school community, collect and report data for compliance purposes, maintain an organized and helpful front office atmosphere, and support an efficient interface between the school’s front and back business offices.

A strong candidate will have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, as well as demonstrated ability to interact professionally with many different kinds of community members, including parents, both within the school and without. High value is placed on a candidate who can operate capably and calmly in a busy environment where confidentiality must be maintained and who has a solid understanding of human resource parameters, bookkeeping and school and state-level reporting systems.

Required skills and duties:

-- Ability to serve at the front of the school and effectively filter and fulfill requests.

-- Demonstrated experience with school-based data and compliance reporting, including for special education

-- Ability to produce reports for review by the supervisor/coordinator

-- Ability to answer inquiries regarding programs and services, explaining requirements and assisting callers in completing forms or other actions

-- Perform a variety of office administration and secretarial work for the school administration

-- Ability to maintain organized records and operational protocols for programs and school administration

-- Working knowledge of accounting best practices especially around observing internal controls, maintaining records, handling invoices, and preparing reports

-- Experience with accounting software and ability to quickly adapt to new formats

-- Real-time problem solving skills

-- General hospitality skills and the ability to make people of all backgrounds feel comfortable and welcome in our building

Substitute Teaching

Applications for Substitute Teaching Positions, short or long-term, are accepted throughout the school year.  As opportunities become available, we will review the applicant pool we have at that time.


Please feel free to contact Tia.wilson@baxter-academy.org for more information.

To Apply

To apply, please complete the online application HERE  and send a resume and CV with references to employment@baxter-academy.org or Human Resources, Baxter Academy for Technology and Science, 185 Lancaster Street, Portland, Maine, 04101. Additional material such as a philosophy statement; recommendations from students, parents, or colleagues; or anything that illustrates your passion for education, is highly encouraged. 

Baxter Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Our needs are subject to change and we welcome applications from people passionate and committed to STEM education whose experience may not fit neatly into any positions listed.