Art and Design Faculty

Jonathan Amory - Engineering/Robotics Teacher


Mr. Amory was an advanced robotics engineer for five years at Boston Dynamics, where he helped design a number of robots, including BigDog, RiSE, RHex, and LittleDog. He had always been interested in education and had been helping students in local schools with their engineering projects. Working with kids, he began to realize that the skills that made him a successful engineer were not the skills he had learned in high school or that he saw being taught in high schools. This realization moved him to teach. And he has now been teaching engineering for four years in Freeport (one year in middle school, three in high school). He has focused on building skills through large-scale, student-led, real world projects, such as a wind tunnel that clocked the highest wind speeds ever recorded in Maine.

Mr. Amory also has a background in naval architecture and philosophy, which he studied along with engineering at Trinity College. He has a master’s degree in design studies from Harvard University. He accomplished all this after struggling as a younger student, an experience he is quick to share with his students: “I am extremely dyslexic and could not read until I was in 7th grade.” He believes every student can be taught creativity and every student can succeed.

Mr. Amory worked to design Baxter Academy’s unique Flex Friday program. Mr. Amory grew up in Portland, attending Waynflete. He lives here with his family.
Fun facts about Mr. Amory: He has sailed to Norway. He has climbed mountains on every continent except South America and Antarctica. He is an outlier when it comes to math and music: “I butcher every instrument I touch, but I can press play on a CD play, iPod and cassette deck."

Matthew Barnes - Art & Design Teacher

Mr. Barnes’s personal motto is: “He who dies with the most tools wins.” He uses his tools to hand-carve slate tombstones, to motorize toy airplanes, to add micro-cameras to Estes rockets, and to repurpose 1950s rotary phones into his home’s intercom system. He knows how to cast metal, solder wire, and weld sheet steel. He can run a lathe and drill through glass and design a textbook. (Want to see more of what he can do? Go to

Mr. Barnes has a bachelor’s degree in education from Notre Dame College in Manchester, N.H., and also started a successful company that designed and manufactured tiles. His most important work recently, though, has been staying home on Peaks Island with his two small children.

Baxter has brought him back to the mainland and to the classroom. He remembers his first visit to the school: “People were excited to be there. They WANTED to be there and it showed in everything I saw. Students helped students in unselfish, uncritical ways and supported one another. Teachers were part of their classes and waded directly into whatever was going on rather than hovering on the edges. The mantra of "Let's try it" elevated everything happening at Baxter and for me, it was like Dorothy stepping into the colored world of Oz. I spent a long time thinking, ‘This can't be actually happening,’ but it is, and I can't wait to start.”

Fun facts about Mr. Barnes: He’s a pilot, a scuba diver, and the cemetery keeper for Brackett Memorial Cemetery on Peaks. He can write with either hand and walk across the bottom of a pond. Ticks freak him out. He loves the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series and can quote anything from Monty Python (but please don’t ask him to do that in front of his family because it embarrasses them).

Hal Larsson - Computer Science & Programming Teacher

Mr. Larsson moved from Pennsylvania to teach at Baxter after hearing about Baxter’s approach to student ownership of learning. He teaches computer science at Baxter.

He brings with him a wealth of experience from working in the industry, most recently Advanced Workstations in Education, where he was a Senior UX Developer. His experience in learning design and technology spans from being a Research Associate at LeapFrog Enterprises to being a Senior UX Developer.

His understanding of design and technology is wide and varied. He co-founded a design studio and developed an award-winning indie video game, Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony (set in British Colonial Mars). He has experience with Javascript, Unity, game design, website design, and curriculum design (to name a few).

Mr Larsson earned a B.S. in religious studies from Haverford College and a M.S. from Stanford University School of Education.

Fun Fact: Mr. Larsson spent a year after college in a Clinical Pastoral Education program, training and serving as a non-denominational hospital chaplain.

Sunny Stutzman - Fabrication & Engineering Teacher

Mr. Stutzman describes himself as a teacher, an industrial designer, a maker, a farmer, and a musician who wants to help build a program at Baxter that “embodies the spirit of making.” He arrives from Yarmouth High School, and his passion is sharing the knowledge he’s accumulated through years of product design. He introduces his students to new technologies and techniques that are relevant to today’s creative economy and that has helped them make everything from carbon fiber skateboards and surfboard to hovercrafts and human-powered vehicles. He himself once designed a prototype bicycle for use in Antarctica, and the project won a National Creative Genius Award.

“After only a few minutes at Baxter Academy I could tell that Baxter was a place I could call home,” Mr. Stutzman says. “I grew up on a small vegetable farm in Sangerville, Maine. There is a certain energy that surrounds the farm that I have also found at Baxter. It is derived from the sense of community and the coordinated dedication found in both the staff and the student body. Ideas are allowed space to grow and flourish. Project-based learning allows both students and faculty to discover new subject matter in a manner that gives both relevance and purpose to the curriculum.”

Mr. Stutzman has also coached the Science Olympiad and has served as assistant director in the drama department. In his free time, he surfs, hang glides, snowboards, and plays music.

He has a bachelors degree in Business/Economics from the University of Maine at Farmington, and an associates degree in specialized technology from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he majored in industrial design technology. He’s done industrial design for L.L. Bean, Maine Discovery Museum, and Moosehead Manufacturing, among others.

Fun facts about Mr. Stutzman: He surfs year-round in Maine’s coastal waters. He’s been a professional musician since age 11 and plays the saxophone, upright bass, harmonica, guitar, cello, fiddle, didgeridoo. Plus he sings. He gained important experience maintaining small engines through his hobby of hang gliding—using a harness outfitted with a small two-stroke high-performance engine attached to a folding propeller.