Baxter Ambassadors


Baxter Ambassadors have an essential role at our public charter school. Ambassadors are often the first students with whom our guests interact. They consistently demonstrate professionalism, kindness, and leadership in our school community and beyond.

Some of the important work they do includes:

  • presenting at open houses for prospective families

  • giving tours to partner organizations during Flex Fridays

  • supporting 9th graders at orientation and throughout their first year of Baxter

  • connecting to younger students in the greater community through STEM workshops, courses, and activities

  • hosting a variety of annual events including graduation, award ceremonies, and receptions.

Time Commitment

Since all of our events are designed to promote our student-centered approach to education, Ambassadors are an essential element. Being an Ambassador requires a willingness to serve our school and our greater community is a commitment just like other extracurricular activities.

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Before you apply, you need to consider: do I have the time to commit to the Baxter Ambassador program? This includes:

  • Attending at least two training sessions during lunch

  • Presenting at three Open Houses (evening)

  • Giving at least four tours during Flex Friday

  • Participating in at least five of the following events:

    • 9th grade orientation (August/September)

    • Community STEM workshops (ongoing throughout the year)

    • Presentations at ALL THREE prospective family open houses (November, December, January)

    • Open Day for prospective students (during school hours)

    • Senior Signing Day (late-May, during school hours)

    • Flex Friday Partnership reception (late May, evening)

    • Graduation (June, weekend)


Interested in becoming or continuing to be an Ambassador? Fill out the application here.

Questions? Connect with our Partnership and Outreach Coordinator,