Baxter Ambassadors


The Baxter Ambassadors are student leaders who present at Open Houses, give tours to partner organizations during Flex Fridays, lead activities during Freshmen Orientation, support our annual Open Day, and help to host a variety of annual events including graduation, award ceremonies, and receptions.

Baxter Ambassadors have an essential role at our public charter school. The Ambassadors are often the first students with whom our guests interact. As more people learn about Baxter, the most common questions they have are: Why Baxter? What makes Baxter so special? Why is Baxter so important to our state? To our future? To my family?  It is the job of the ambassadors to answer these questions with kindness, professionalism, and positivity.


Not only will you be helping your school community as an Ambassador, you will gain professional and interpersonal communication skills that will continue to serve you well past your high school experience.

Time Commitment

Since all of our events are designed to promote our student-centered approach to education, the Ambassadors are essential to these events running smoothly. Being an Ambassador is a commitment just like other extracurricular activities.

Before you apply, you need to consider: do I have the time to commit to the Baxter Ambassador program? This includes:

  • Attending at least two training sessions during lunch

  • Presenting at three Open Houses (evening)

  • Giving at least five tours during Flex Friday

  • Hosting at least two of the following events:

    • Freshmen Orientation (September 5-8 during school hours)

    • Open Day (during school hours)

    • Awards Ceremony (during school hours)

    • Flex Friday Partnership reception (evening)

    • Graduation (weekend)


  1. Fill out the application here.

  2. Ask a teacher to fill out the recommendation form. REMEMBER to be professional when you ask! 

Questions? Ask Heather D'Ippolito!