Angela Atkinson Duina has informed us that she is resigning from her position as principal of faculty. We thank her for the work she did while here, and we wish her well.

As principal of faculty, Angela participated in a leadership model designed to distribute work and information among three school leaders. Angie Taylor, the principal of students, will continue her work to support students and to maintain BA’s caring, responsive approach to all their needs. As executive director, I will continue the work I’ve done for the school since its founding. I’ll remain focused on mission and management of all resources aimed at building an ever stronger future for Baxter.

As we move forward, Partnerships and Community Outreach Coordinator Heather D’Ippolito will expand her efforts around strong communication, both within our school family and with our greater community. She will continue to help Baxter build dynamic and meaningful relationships and opportunities for your students.

Our operations manager, Blair Clancy, is focused every day on safety, security, and smooth functionality throughout the school—and along all the byways of our extensive transportation network.

Most important, we have the good fortune here of having an excellent, dedicated faculty. We’ll be asking the Cabinet members, chosen by their peers and representing various components of our school model, to participate in the work of meeting the school’s performance goals. We’ll also be asking the Teaching & Learning Committee to lead participation in a peer support and evaluation model. And we’ll be bringing in experts to support us all in this work. This interim distribution of responsibility may serve as a pilot for how we might increasingly become a teacher-powered school.

Baxter’s teachers have always participated in the work of designing and building the school to be student-centered and caring. Now we find ourselves with the extraordinary opportunity to explore more ways to fully honor their work. It is our intention that they continue to identify what serves Baxter’s students best—and to share in the responsibility for optimizing the student experience here. Please continue to reach out to your child’s advisor for support in your student’s education.

What makes it possible for us to move forward with strength is what’s always made it possible for Baxter to grow and to succeed—all of us here working together for what’s best for Baxter’s students. We are going to stay that course.