Dear Baxter Families:

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend Thursday’s Open House!  We know how busy family life with teens can be - so we appreciate your attendance and really enjoyed the chance to talk with you.  If you were not able to attend, feel free to review the slideshow here and please don’t hesitate to reach out to teachers or us if you have questions, worries or wonders.  (If you attended the Open House, but didn’t get a chance to fill out a feedback form, feel free to offer your comments and feedback here.)

Flex Friday proposals were returned to students today. Most students need to revise their proposal and submit for final approval. Over dinner or during a car ride this weekend, check in with your child about their FF proposal.

Also in Flex Friday news, 9th graders transitioned from their introductory projects into new projects today. Some joined already running groups and some formed new ones. Once they arrived in their clusters,  they worked through the initial design steps of the Flex Friday proposal. They will continue to draft their proposals in the upcoming weeks. Once complete, they will be reviewed for approval.

As a final note, please mark your calendars for student-led conferences on November 13.  These take place from 11am-7pm.  We’ll send out more specifics as we approach that date.


Angie Taylor and Angela Atkinson Duina, Co-Principals

For Reference:  The annual collection of these Notes for the Week is available at this link.


  • REMIND.COM ALERTS FOR SCHOOL CLOSINGS: If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for BA Closings and Announcements on  This is how we send alerts to families about our school closings. Instructions for signing up are HERE.  

  • PICTURE DAY IS OCTOBER 19TH: To order packages online, go to and enter Picture Day ID LG228564Q0. Students will also receive order forms in advisory.

  • ANYTIME/ANYWHERE LEARNING DAY - OCTOBER 22: This is professional time for teachers.  Students do not report to school on this day - but they should be engaged in learning. Some suggestions: visit colleges, plan a job shadow, tour a museum.

  • SLATE PARENT WORKSHOPS - OCTOBER 25 and NOVEMBER 8, 6-7pm: Our Slate Team will hold two parent workshops this fall to support parents in using this tool to follow their student’s progress toward meeting Baxter’s graduation standards.  

  • PARENT ADVISORY MEETING - OCTOBER 26, 8-9AM: Please mark your calendars for our first parent advisory meeting.  Send an email to to let us know if you’re planning to participate.  Our topic will focus on communication.

  • SLATE: If you cannot log into Slate to see your child’s progress on standards, please contract or



There are four Anytime/Anywhere Learning days this year. These days allow faculty to engage in professional development that includes, but is not limited to, grading and norming, developing standards-based assessment tasks, Slate development, and Design Thinking work.  We appreciate your support on these days and ask that you help your child to develop a plan to make the most of these days.

As long as students engage in academic work or school programming, they count as school days.  The intention is to focus is on the larger community during the FOUR Anytime/Anywhere Learning days on our calendar.   Students can...

  • Job Shadow

  • Do Community Service

  • Visit a College (For a College Visit Checklist, click here.)

  • Tour a Museum, etc.


  • CLUBS + ACTIVITIES:  Here is the slideshow that we shared with families during last night’s Open House. You’ll see club opportunities happening through Baxter such as math club, book club, rock climbing, etc.

  • Preble ST Soup Kitchen - recurring volunteer opportunities. On October 19th, eight  students can volunteer with Alex Waters in the Preble St soup kitchen from 9:30-1:30. To learn more and sign up, click here.

  • Thomas Cup registration is now open! This is an overnight event on November 30th that brings together teamwork, technology, and competition. To create a team and register, click here. To learn more about the Cup challenges, click here. Email for more questions.

  • To sign up for alerts about events happening during the day at Baxter (such as book talks, bake sales, or guest speaker events), text @cocu75lan to number 81010.

  • EXTRACURRICULAR OPPORTUNITIES:  From backcountry skiing trips to visits to Jackson Laboratory, there are numerous updates and additions to the Extracurricular Opportunities document (see the sidebar menu of this email on your desktop or scroll to the bottom of your email if viewing from your phone). Please take a look and connect with of you have any questions.


  • 12th grade: Senior Notes have been updated for this week with reminders about asking for records and recommendations, a link to student and counselor responsibilities, and an overview of what we’ve done with your students so far this year.  Please contact your student's counselor if you’d like to talk about their postsecondary process!

  • 9th, 10th, and 11th grades: These students did a wonderful job of taking the PSATs in a way that showed they take the test seriously and are respectful of their peers.  We’ll be delivering those results in early January, and will help students build on their scores to create the next step in their postsecondary proces.

  • All students: At this time of year, many students come to their counselor with concerns about courses that feel too hard or overwhelming.  We help students develop skills to help them succeed, and also encourage students to talk directly to their teachers and advisors, seek out help at the BLC, and get their family involved.  If your student is expressing concern about a class, please ask them if they’ve reached out to any of us. You can also ask them to show you their Google classrooms, where teachers post assignments and instructions.  A weekly check in on this with a struggling student can do tremendous good. Please also reach out to your student’s advisor our counselor any time!

  • If your student is visiting a college on this month’s Anytime Anywhere Learning day, you can use this checklist to make the most of your trip! Find this and other resources on the Guidance Department’s postsecondary page.


  • Monday, October 19 - Picture Day

  • Monday, October 22 - Anywhere/Anytime Learning Day.  Students do not report to school.

  • Thursday, October 25 - Slate Parent Workshop from 6-7pm

  • Friday, October 26 - Parent Advisory Group meeting from 8-9am.  Focus on communication. Send an email to to let us know if you’re planning to participate.

  • Thursday, November 8 - Slate Parent Workshop from 6-7pm

  • Tuesday, November 13 - Student-Led Conferences from 11am-7pm