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Baxter Academy uses a proficiency-based grading system, which places emphasis on the skills a student demonstrates as they progress through a content area.

To learn about our Grade Point Approximation system, click here.

Each content area has designed a visual to better help you understand your child's progression towards graduation requirements:

To see our curriculum guide, click here

Questions? Please contact your student's advisor or guidance counselor.

The pedagogical and philosophical rationale for Slate:

Slate allows us to acknowledge the different paces of learning among students

Slate allows us to display the ample choice Baxter students have in crafting their path to learning, AND refrain from penalizing students based on their choice (eg it’s OK for Suzy to take 4 humanities classes in one year, provided she make steady progress in Math towards Graduation Benchmark as well)

Slate facilitates honest, fruitful conversations among students and adults; we can all see clearly a student’s progress towards graduation in order to better hold her accountable

  • Login to Slate.

  • The first time, use your email address (the one you used when you signed up for the workshop) and click “Forgot Password”

  • Create a new password

Slate How-To for Parents

See this document for how to access information on SLATE.

See this link for the filmed workshop.


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