At Baxter Academy, we believe students learn what matters most by being integrated directly into the work of the world. We collaborate with a robust network of responsive real-world partners who provide mentorship, internships, and opportunities for students to work within—and solve problems for—our community.

If you do work in Maine—whether in a STEM field, or social services, or creative arts—Baxter wants to connect you with our students. We think you’ll soon witness the value of having young minds become acquainted with the most urgent problems you face and with your search for solutions.


Be a mentor: Share your expertise with students interested in learning more about the work you do—and what it takes to do it well. Your time is important to us, so you’ll give in a way that meets your needs.

Our internship program has been designed around students creating “deliverables” requested by partnering organizations. Students apply internally for the internships and must provide evidence to a faculty committee that they have the necessary skills and background to successfully meet the “client’s” needs.

Examples of current internships include student teams making short documentaries for research institutes and hospitals; redesigning websites to integrate form and function; and working alongside scientists in labs.

Read about the internship planning process here

Flex Friday flagship projects use interlocking teams of students to extend research and development for and with industry/research partners.

We have teams of students working with industry leaders to improve student work while acquainting students with the real-world concerns of professionals in the field. Students use their CAD-skills to create prototypes. They crunch data. They do field research.

Industry leaders have recognized how these real-world efforts accelerate the development of innovative thinkers with important cutting-edge skills. While visiting Baxter, the founder of Boston Dynamics said, “The key skills we look for in job applicants at Boston Dynamics are the ones we see being developed by students at Baxter Academy—and those skills are sometimes hard to find even among strong college graduates.” At Baxter, we believe that real-world partnerships accelerate and amplify the learning that matters most.

Learn more about Flex Friday here.

Do you have a problem Baxter students can help solve? Please contact our Partnership and Outreach Coordinator at or complete the contact form below. 

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