The Baxtitution

The Baxtitution was created by the founding students and staff of Baxter Academy. It has been revised and upheld each year.

  1. Community

    1. Baxter Academy is an inclusive school that accepts varying personality types, social groups, and fandoms. We accept the greatness of each individual. We build community through academic inquiry, group projects, games, creative pursuits, and expeditions. Students and teachers watch out for each other and speak up when necessary.

  2. Safety

    1. Baxter students will strive to create and uphold a safe and comfortable environment. They will not do anything that puts themselves or anyone else in physical or emotional danger.

  3. Tolerance  

    1. Baxter students will accept and appreciate each other’s differences and not criticize each other negatively.

  4. Bullying    

    1. Baxter students will honor and respect others’ physical space and emotional well-being.

    2. At no point will Baxter students harass or insult other members of the community, online or offline, as this can lead to verbal and/or physical abuse.

  5. Productivity

    1. Baxter students will use their time wisely and be able to show evidence of their productivity. By doing this, Baxter students will be able to be recognized for all the amazing work they will produce.

  6. Teamwork

    1. Baxter students are expected to be conscientious team-members and active participants in defining the culture of the school.

    2. As a group, the Baxter Academy community will work together to achieve success by creating an inclusive learning environment that accepts varying personality types.

  7. Professionalism

    1. Baxter students and teachers will be polite, self-aware, respectful, and responsible while representing the school in the surrounding community.

    2. Inside the building, Baxter students and teachers will maintain a professional demeanor.

    3. Behavior, dress, and language must be appropriate to a professional environment.

    4. Baxter students and teachers will remain aware of the people around them, and will be attentive and conscientious when discussing sensitive topics in school.

  8. Class Time/Free Time Behaviors

    1. In class, Baxter students and teachers will remain on task, while engaging in productive and relevant work.

    2. During free time, all students and teachers will use their time in ways that are considerate and ethical, without engaging in activities inappropriate for school

  9. Interaction

    1. Baxter students and teachers will have a good attitude and will treat each other with respect. Students will not give the teachers a hard time about assignments. Teachers will update their blogs and grades regularly.

    2. If absent, students will check class websites or blogs and complete all relevant work. They are also expected to alert teachers if they need support on their assignments or if they are unable to complete them on time

  10. Academic Honesty

    1. Students at Baxter Academy are expected to honor the principles of academic and personal integrity.

    2. Baxter Academy students will not present others’ work as their own. If a student uses someone else’s work, they must provide a citation.

  11. Technology

    1. Baxter students will use their computers and other devices in an appropriate manner.

    2. Usage guidelines will depend on school policy, as well as the individual teacher and learning environment.      

    3. Technology use at Baxter should not interfere and distract from student learning.

    4. Baxter students will be mindful that they are representing their school community while using technology.

  12. Bus conduct:

    1. While on Baxter Academy buses, students will adhere to the following rules:

      1. Students will keep their volume, including music, at quiet conversation level.

      2. Students will use language appropriate to the school environment.

      3. Students will respect each other’s personal space.

      4. Students will pick up after themselves.

      5. Students will respect the driver’s authority.


  1. Baxter Academy graduates are expected to be strong in the following skills and attributes:

    1. Initiative & Perseverance: demonstrate initiative and perseverance in their learning

    2. Collaboration: collaborate effectively and ethically as a team member

    3. Inquiry & Investigation: ask creative questions to guide research

    4. Problem Solving: frame problems and use design methods to develop solutions

    5. Information Processing: analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and apply data

    6. Integration: gain and apply thinking and knowledge across fields

    7. Communication: write and communicate effectively in a variety of formats; present work publicly in an organized and purposeful way

    8. Reflection: reflect on and articulate their growth as a learner, as well as the relevance and impact of their work

Civic Awareness: demonstrate responsible and ethical behavior and participates proactively in the community