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why stay in one place when there is a whole world to explore?

There is a large difference between traveling to see places and traveling to be in places. It’s quite easy to simply look at foreign streets full of people without a second thought, but once the streets are filled with your friends and family the street is no longer foreign, even if you are thousands of miles from home. Through immersing yourself in another culture this is exactly what is accomplished. Baxter Academy International is four travelers, Brianna, Caitlin, Diego, and Sarah who are very passionate about not only traveling, but also fully immersing themselves in other cultures. These students yearn to have the opportunities to explore places all over the world and surround themselves in different cultures and languages.

These four travelers will work together to promote the idea of international travel at Baxter and in the community, and will work individually to plan time abroad. They plan to create a structured study abroad program at Baxter Academy for students in upcoming years to use. This will continue the legacy of international travelers for future Baxter Academy generations.


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