Baxter Academy offers:

  • a project-based STEM curriculum emphasizing real-world problem solving, paired with a humanities program that connects ideas across disciplines and cultivates strong communication skills. Course highlights include:

    • Introduction to Computer Science

    • Graphic Design

    • Calculus Based Physics

    • Science, Technology, and Ethics

    • Engineering

    • Digital Storytelling

    • Advanced Public Speaking

    • Entrepreneurship

    • Forest, Wetland, and Marine Ecology

    • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

  • a creative, dynamic faculty that meets students where they are and challenges them to drive their education

  • opportunity for students to learn by doing and learn from failure, through our Flex Friday program

  • a network of resources beyond the classroom. Students participate in job shadows, industry tours, internships, and real-world inquiries that connect them to professionals on a regular basis.

  • the support system to create a post high-school plan. Whether it be starting a business, entering a trade, or attending a secondary school.

Application Process:

Baxter Academy for Technology and Science is a public charter high school open to all Maine families. However, in recent years, the number of applicants has typically exceeded our available slots. When this occurs we are required to use a random lottery system to determine enrollment. To learn more about our admissions process, please click below.