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19th Century photographic techniques

In a unique partnership with Maine Media Workshops, Baxter is pleased to offer an after school photography class with MMW instructor, Brenton Hamilton.

This fall, learn the exciting developments of chemistry, light and lenses. This is an introduction to the special photography practiced in the 19th c. We will make cyanotypes, salted paper and other emulsions with silver, iron, fine brushes, art papers in the light! Students will use digital capture - but also see pinhole and view cameras at work. This is a course where we will make things creating images with unusual photographic techniques. Baxter students have the opportunity to meet graduation standards in Art & Design.


About the instructor:

Brenton Hamilton holds his MFA in photography, earned in 1992, from the Savannah College of Art & Design. He is the Chair of the Professional Certificate in Visual Storytelling program at Maine Media College.

His teaching specialties include, B&W Craft,  Historic Processes, and the History of Photography at Maine Media College. Brenton is an enthusiastic workshop leader exhibiting special care and interest in the teaching process and for his students.


Class Dates/Time: Thursdays, 9/21-12/14,  3:30-5:30pm

Location: 185 Lancaster ST, Portland

Class size: 10

Cost: FREE for current Baxter students (use code BAXTERSTUDENT at checkout), $250 for non-Baxter high school students.

Email with further questions.